UNOS / NMDP / Other Registries

UNOS Waitlist Management Module

Maintaining an accurate listing of patient data used in the UNOS patient-donor matching process is critical.

This module provides a means to identify differences between the patient data in HistoTrac and UNOS. The UNOS Wait List is downloaded from UNet and imported into HistoTrac with validation between the two systems using the patient’s SSN.

The user can update HistoTrac values such as the UNOS-listed flag, CPRA, and patient status with data from the Waitlist file, and apply updates to the entire list or individual records.

UNOS Export Unacceptables Module

Updating patient’s unacceptable specificities in UNOS is a complex, time-consuming, and tedious necessity for HLA Labs.

The UNOS Export Unacceptables utility provides an export file with the patient’s unacceptable specificities, formatted according to the UNET standard. This feature not only saves time but eliminates transcription errors.

UNOS Final Crossmatch Module

Speeding up donor workups for laboratories that perform large numbers of final crossmatch tests per donor is the goal of this important tool.

Tests can be ordered for cytotoxicity or flow methods. The donor is added to the patient’s case. A custom-designed report provides test results for coordinators or surgeons.

NMDP Confirmatory Typing Export

Updating donor and/or recipient molecular typing results in a timely manner is crucial for stem cell transplant patients.

This module is designed to export donor and/or recipient molecular typing results for Form 117 and Form 22. An email sends the most recent results to the NMDP for import into the registry database on a scheduled basis, perhaps daily — saving time and eliminating transcription errors.

Our software is built using specifications gathered from laboratories around the world.

The Core Software is the center of the HistoTrac platform, providing all the basic functions of the HLA laboratory.