The HistoTrac Core Software includes official reports to provide test results and interpretations to your clients. These reports can be sent through a review process to include an electronic signature. Clinicians can receive these reports via HL7 interface or email.

Electronic Signature

Electronic signature facilitates the reporting process. The signature of the person who is signing out tests, signing out the report, or approving the report is applied to the report during the review. The signature area of the report can display an image of your signature or an electronic signature statement.

Key Features

  • Include one or two signatures on the report.
  • Display reviewer’s credentials and reporting date
HistoTrac Reporting

Report Queue Sign Out

Report Queue Sign Out adds flexibility to the reporting process. Various staff members can prepare reports for review by the director/designer. View prepared reports on the screen. Change the report content selection or continue with sign out. Store a PDF without printing.

This feature provides for report review with an electronic signature by the director who may be remote from the facility.

Key Features

  • Save time and paper by reviewing reports on the
  • Change content of the report or Sign Out with previously selected tests and interpretation.
  • Set report review steps for one or two reviewers.
  • Send report to a Print Queue if desired.

Report Manager

The Report Manager is a time saver for laboratories with high volume testing. Using the Report Manager, reports are automatically generated following the sign out of tests. Regardless of the length of your test list and the number of clients receiving reports, you can establish a schedule for each.

Key Features

  • Establish a schedule for automatically printing selected reports.
  • Schedule reports to be printed daily, weekly,
    and monthly.
  • Create schedules based on hospital and physician associations to a patient.
  • Generate reports automatically each time a test,
    with an established schedule, is signed out.
  • View a list of printed reports from the Report Manager.
HistoTrac Custom Reports

AD HOC Query

Ad Hoc Query is a powerful database search tool, used to report Patient, Sample, and Test statistics. Answer questions utilizing data from HistoTrac database tables.

Key Features

  • Use the simple, yet sophisticated, query building
  • Ask questions about patient subsets, based on category, physician, status, diagnosis, etc.
  • Select sample statistics for administrative reports.
  • Execute the same query time after time, maybe
    for a different date range.
  • Export data in text files to another database or
    to a spreadsheet.