Reagent Vendor Interfaces

Reagent Vendor Interfaces (RVI) are valuable tools — the most powerful of all additions to your HistoTrac system. RVI software utilization saves time and reduces transcription errors by importing test results directly from the testing analysis software into HistoTrac.

The larger your volume, the more important it is to have the system manage the data entry. With imported results, the review cycle can be reduced, minimizing the need for detailed visual review and freeing time to focus on other tasks. Use an RVI for every testing method.

Save time and reduce transcription errors

These interfaces may be bi-directional. The interface begins by exporting a sample ID from HistoTrac to the RV software — no more manual entry of sample IDs into text files. After testing is completed and results are analyzed, the user imports test results from the RV software into HistoTrac. For a uni-directional interface, the user would only import from the RVI to HistoTrac.

The workflow for the use of RVI is facilitated by batching tests and building trays in HistoTrac. The build a tray feature helps you create tray maps organized by various criteria.

Reagent Vendor Graphic

Interfaces are available for all methods of testing — Histocompatibility and non-Histocompatibility

  • Molecular typing
  • rSSO
  • SBT
  • SSP
  • NGS
  • qPCR
  • Antibody Screening and Identification
  • Luminex
  • Flow — custom to instrument & assay
  • Crossmatch
  • Flow — custom to instrument & assay
  • Platelet Antibody Screening
  • DNA measurement
  • Chimerism Testing

Reagent Vendor Interface Key Features

  • Manage entire test batches from ordering through reporting with single data entry.
  • Implement interfaces with each analysis software used.
  • Create a 96-well tray using the Tray Wizard, then export the sample ID associated with each well location.
  • Export test batches.
  • Connect directly to the RV database or use XML file transfer.
  • Import results without manual data entry:
  • Antibody specificities and MFI data.
  • MCS and MESF values.
  • Alleles, serological equivalents, and NMDP codes.
  • Select from Import Settings to determine the placement of results in your tests.

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