Platelet Matching

HistoTrac Platelet Matching Module and Software

Platelet Matching

The software is designed to help users determine the best matches for patients who require HLA-matched platelet transfusions. The application can search all donors or be configured to look at a subset of records within HistoTrac.

If the potential recipient is in HistoTrac, use the search function to find patient by name or ID to return the HLA type or enter the Class IHLA antigens directly into PlateletTrac.

Add unacceptable antigens or antibody specificities to exclude potential donors from the search.

Key Features:

  • Define antigens, splits, and CREG groups.

  • Input Unacceptable Antigens to be used in matching

  • Include or exclude Match grades from the report depending on the level of matching.

  • Generate, print, and export a report with patient identification and best matches.