HistoTrac’s additional modules enable the laboratory to maintain lab-specific records pertaining to purchasing, supply inventory, and mailings. Use this module to eliminate hand-written labels.


Specimen Tube Labels

Tube Labels can be designed to your specifications and can include barcodes to properly identify and track specimen tubes, saving time and reducing errors. Printing labels with a label printer can provide labels automatically with each newly accessioned sample.

Key Features

Print labels with user-defined content and barcodes:

  • when samples are accessioned or tests ordered.
  • for one or multiple samples.
  • for tubes used during testing and storage.

Mailing Labels

The Sample Mailer Package creates labels containing name and address of patients in the database.

Key Features:

  • Include instructions and transfusion history forms.
  • Send mailers to dialysis centers or to a patient’s
    home address.
HistoTrac Custom Reports