HistoTrac can be connected with your hospital and/or laboratory system to provide full integration with the patient’s electronic medical record.

The Solution for Full Integration

Patient demographics, test orders, billing transactions, and test results or reports move between medical software systems using an HL7 formatted transaction. Each interface is separate and requires the accompanying hospital or laboratory information system interface.

Key Features

  • Import patient demographics into HistoTrac from an ADT feed.
  • Bring in patient demographics and orders for a specific test with an Orders feed.
  • Transmit a billing transaction from HistoTrac to your
    hospital billing system.
  • Send individual test results or reports, depending on
    the specifications of the receiving system.
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ADT (Admission, Discharge, Transfer)

The ADT database Interface brings patient demographics into HistoTrac, using a full ADT database load with periodic data purge. The ADT database provides a continual update of patient data with the necessary information to provide a billing file.

Inbound Results

An Orders interface brings into HistoTrac orders placed for Histocompatibility testing in a third party system. The orders are viewed and accepted by a HistoTrac user and displayed on a list until the sample arrives in the lab. The user can make adjustments to the orders if needed. Once accepted, the sample is available from the Sample Menu/Log screen, and the ordered tests begin the process of moving through your work queue. In addition, order status updates and cancellations can be accepted from the third party system or sent out from HistoTrac as an outbound order as needed.

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Billing is an important function in every lab and is managed in a number of ways. The HistoTrac billing system sends billable tests out through the interface without any interaction from the laboratory staff. The type of transaction is determined by the needs of the hospital billing system.

Outbound Results

The Results interface sends HL7 transactions, either test results or report files, directly to an IP address and port specified by the user. The result messages are sent to the hospital’s electronic medical record (EMR) or clinical transplant program. The results are filed into these applications to be viewed as part of the complete EMR.

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Our software is built using specifications gathered from laboratories around the world.

The Core Software is the center of the HistoTrac platform, providing all the basic functions of the HLA laboratory.