HIPAA Auditing

Takes tracking to the next level

The HIPAA Auditing Module is an indispensable tool to track access to patient information. Monitor everyone who views a patient record, as well as who adds new, changes existing or deletes records.

In addition to the Core Software’s data-specific audit trail, the HIPAA feature documents all transactions, when the record was observed, by whom, and from which computer.

Track not only patient record transactions but also all samples and tests associated with the patient. Log in/log out transactions track access to the database by each user.

HistoTrac HIPAA Computer
HistoTrac HIPAA Module

A search tool is provided to assist in the location of a particular transaction.

HIPPA Auditing Key Features

  • Track all persons who view, add, edit, or delete sample, test patient, and/or donor records.
  • Audit the HistoTrac login and the Windows login of the user, and the computer where the transaction occurred.
  • Search for a specific transaction.

Our software is built using specifications gathered from laboratories around the world.

The Core Software is the center of the HistoTrac platform, providing all the basic functions of the HLA laboratory.