Core Software

The Core Package is the center of the software, providing all the basic functions of the laboratory.

Handle samples and orders on patients and donors from test requests through reporting of results. Look up patient demographics and test history. Create a billing invoice. Calculate TAT. Print reports for your clients. Reply to information requests using the query tool. Look up patient test results, DSA trends, and virtual crossmatching — in the same database.

Patient and Donor Database — Key Features

  • Patient/Donor case building with haplotype
    assignment and mismatch feature
  • Sample, test, and report history
  • Ad hoc query tool
  • Audit history for tracking both field- and
    record-level user actions

Workflow Management — Key Features

  • Sample registration and inventory
  • Client-directed and work management reports
  • Reports with a review process and electronic signature
  • Workflow management with TAT and overdue test calculator
  • Multi-level test review
  • Tray-building wizard
  • Test batch management
  • Billing — invoice or delimited text file
  • Virtual Crossmatching
  • Donor Specific Antibody test analysis
Core Software for HistoTrac

Customize your HistoTrac software for your Laboratory