Choosing software with specific functionality to meet your laboratory’s needs is a major part of implementing a new software system. Once that choice is made, you may require additional services to build a system to better serve your clients.

SystemLink provides an array of services which facilitate the implementation process and helps develop your total system.


Data Conversion

Data conversion services import into HistoTrac historical data from a legacy system, whether the data source is developed in-house (Access database, FoxPro database, Paradox database, Excel spreadsheet) or provided by another software vendor.

The process will ensure continuity of patient care by migrating data from your existing database to HistoTrac. The first conversion is used during installation and training, with a final merge at Go-Live.

HistoTrac Software Services and Training

Training and Implementation Services

Training, with individuals or in groups, facilitates the implementation of the new software system. The training will shorten the learning curve associated with implementing a new software system with web-based and on-site training.

Training consultation services begin with training on the Core Software. Module selection determines the total training requirements.

SystemLink facilitates a smooth installation, with in-depth involvement by its software specialists from the time of purchase through Go-Live and beyond.

Training includes:

  • Assistance with the completion of the data dictionaries.
  • Training and materials for the Key User and trainers.
  • Business process consultation for optimal software utilization.

Custom Reports and Development

Custom development (specialized reports and applications) provides the flexibility to combine your lab’s unique functions with HistoTrac’s robust software.

Custom Reports

Design reports to meet your clients’ needs and accreditation requirements. A number of reports are provided with HistoTrac Core Software-some to manage workflow within the lab and some for reporting patient results to clients.

Additional report development services are offered for specialized reporting needs.

Custom Development

Design custom applications for your specialized functionality retaining all activities within one software system. Discuss these needs with your software specialist.

HistoTrac Custom Reports

System Maintenance

System maintenance ensures that your software
is always up-to-date and trouble-free.

Keep your system up-to-date and trouble-free with an ongoing maintenance agreement. Maintenance includes new releases of software, corrections to any known deficiencies, phone support, and technical support related to the HistoTrac product.