HistoTrac on the Web

Access to HistoTrac data via a web application provides total flexibility to securely view important data remotely — an inexpensive, flexible manner to get results and interpretations to your clients.The HistoTrac application provides access to the patient’s information and test results while in the laboratory.

Secure web access to a role-based selection of patient information

HistoTrac on the Web provides access to patient data by transplant staff at other facilities or staff outside the lab. Role-based selection of patient information provides the client with job-appropriate data.


HistoTrac on the Web provides several options for the presentation of patient information.

Patient Details

The Patient Details application provides laboratory staff (internal users) access to patient data for review during on-call situations.

Key Features

View test history for:

  • Antibody and DSA.
  • Typing and Crossmatch.

View patient history for:

  • Sample details.
  • Sensitizing Events.
  • Unacceptable Specificities.

Patient Viewer

The Patient Viewer is a customizable application that provides a selection of patient history for viewing by transplant coordinators (external users). Establish roles based on values such as category or transplant program, displaying only applicable patient data for clinicians.

Key Features

  • Check current sample and test status.
  • Review patient’s current typing and demographics.
  • View and print reports that have been signed out
    by the laboratory staff.

Patient Reports

The Patient Reports application provides the laboratory’s clients (external users) with the ability to read and print patient reports once released by the lab.

Key Features

  • Provide reports organized by Today, Yesterday, and Previous Weeks.
  • Access the most recent reports as well as previous versions.

Ordering and Reporting

The Ordering and Reporting application gives the laboratory a means to expand the business to other hospitals or laboratories without a system interface.

Our software is built using specifications gathered from laboratories around the world.

The Core Software is the center of the HistoTrac platform, providing all the basic functions of the HLA laboratory.