Software for the Automated Microscope

HistoScope operates the Robbins motorized microscope stage and is used for defining and scoring HLA Typing, Antibody Screening, and Crossmatch trays.

HistoScope Features

  • Patient and donor database with search tools
  • Efficient movement of the motorized stage, using the controller keypad or the computer keyboard
  • Microsoft® tools—icons, drag and drop, double-click to open, and color coding
  • Installation on networked computers
  • Reagent and sample database for preparing tray definitions
  • Score, re-score, double-score features
  • User-entered tray information that prints on the scoring report
  • Archive and restore functions for trays and scores
  • System audit of tray-scoring user
  • Stage movement to any well with the click of the mouse
  • Copy and rename tray layouts
  • Patient sample search tool for easy loading
    of screening crossmatch trays.
HistoScope HistoTrac Software


Stand-alone vs. Integrated

HistoScope is offered in two versions.

Stand-alone HistoScope

Stand-alone HistoScope is offered as an Access or SQL Server database.  The application includes all the functional features listed.

Install the database on a networked server or on a workstation that can function as a server with a backup strategy.

Integrated HistoScope

The integrated version is provided in the same SQL Server database with HistoTrac. In addition to the listed features:

  • Integration with patient/donor database of HistoTrac allows tray scoring without redundant entry of patient data.
  • HLA typing results entered in HistoScope while scoring a tray will result in a selected test in HistoTrac.  The user confirms the test result and moves the test on through the workflow process.

Integrated HistoScope is installed as a module that joins with the HistoTrac database on a server.  The application is installed on the workstations.

Our software is built using specifications gathered from laboratories around the world.

The Core Software is the center of the HistoTrac platform, providing all the basic functions of the HLA laboratory.