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HistoTrac by SystemLink

System Requirements

Minimum Recommendation for HistoTrac Database Server

Patient Database

Minimum Hardware Specifications

• No additional requirements beyond the minimum requirements for SQL Server

Required Software

• Microsoft® SQL Server 2008R2, 2012, 2014

Optional Software

• If faxing, software such as WinFax

• If writing additional reports, license for SAP® BusinessObjects®

Minimum Recommendation for HistoTrac User Workstation

Software Management

Minimum Hardware Specifications

• 733MHz Pentium III processor

• 128MB memory

• 10GB hard drive

• VGA (1024x768 resolutions) monitor

• Ethernet adapter

• Keyboard/mouse

Required Software

• Microsoft Windows XP or higher

Web Server Requirements

histoTrac Web Requirements

Minimum Hardware Specifications

• 20MB hard drive

Required Software

• IIS7+ (Internet Information Services) with Web Deploy 3.0 add-on extension.

Data is displayed using Microsoft MVC 3.0 Web Application.

Connection to the database is with SQL Username and password, not Windows Authentication, via Microsoft Framework 4.0 Data Assembly.

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